January 12th 2018 – South Africa

Fleet trends in South Africa

January 11th 2018 – Brazil

Electric vehicles are coming, but is Brazil ready?

December 19th 2017 – Croatia

Pula has made first steps towards sustainable city traffic

December 6th 2017 – United States

Explained: Mobility as a Service

November 16th 2017 – United States

This is the Tesla Semi Truck

November 6th 2017 – United Kingdom

Are Car Companies Going to Profit from Your Driving Data?

October 30th 2017 – United States

How Emerging Marketing Technology Will Impact the Automotive Industry

October 16th 2017 – China

Automotive Industry Is Racing to Meet Electric Vehicle Demand in China

October 9th 2017 – United States

Turning Seaweed Into Automotive Fuel

September 20th 2017 – Finland

“Netflix for public transport”

September 6th 2017 – Germany

Turo acquires Daimler’s Croove Car-sharing services

September 1st 2017 – United States

39 companies test self-driving

August 30th 2017 – Singapore

Toyota joins Grab’s fundaraising

August 9th 2017 – China

China gives nod to car-sharing services

July 31st 2017 – United States

Making the future of mobility work

July 26th 2017 – United States

GM opens vehicles to app developers

July 21st 2017 – China

New joint venture between Volvo and Geely involves e-vehicle tech

June 26th 2017 – United States

Alphabet partners with Avis to manage self-driving car fleet

June 7th 2017 – United States

Morgan Stanley thinks cars of the future will be nothing but a ‘data pipe

May 17th 2017 – United States

Over 1,700 Start-Ups Are Disrupting The Automotive Industry

April 10th 2017 – Scotland

Scottish police start using car-sharing club vehicles to cut costs

April 6th 2017 – China

VW Intest 180 million in Google-backed Chinese AI startup

March 21st 2017 – Australia

Autonomous vehicles planned for Australian public facilities

February 21st 2017 – United States

The race for autonomous cars is over. Silicon Valley lost.

February 7th 2017 – Sweden

PSA Launching Car Sharing Aggregator with Free2Move App

February 5th 2017 – Sweden

Volvo Creating Carsharing Business Unit

January 17th 2016 – Israel

Tel Aviv Unveils Car-sharing Plan

November 10th 2016 – Japan

Daimler Launches Private Car Sharing App, All Makes May Apply

August 13th 2016 – United States

Ford Plans fully automated driverless vehicle for commercial ride-sharing in

July 22nd 2016 – Korea

Project IONIQ – 12 megatrends to 2030 for Hyundai

June 6th 2016 – United Kingdom

RDM-New driveless cars will carry up to eight people

January 11th 2016 – China

China’s ride-sharing market moves past obstacles towards growth potential

November 19th 2015 – United Kingdom

Chinese Car-hailing app Didi Part of 500 mln

November 17th 2015 – United Kingdom

London city airport gets drivenow carsharing

November 16th 2015 – China

Share’NGo Car Sharing Service now available in China

October 26th 2015 – Japan

Toyota to launch trial car sharing service in Okinawa

October 26th 2015 – Singapore

Private booking apps…

June 23th 2015 – China

Geely Holding Group & Xin Da Yang Bring ZD D2 Mini Electric Vehicle to Market

June 30th 2015 – Vietnam

Car-sharing service forecast to thrive in HCMC

August 7th 2015 – Italy

The electric car sharing in Milan is “Made in China”

April 1st 2015 – United Kingdom

Enterprise announces purchase of city car club…