CUP©, Car sharing Universal Platform

is an innovative platform that integrally manages the systems of car-sharing in free floating, in a point-to-point and mixed mode. CUP© is a global cloud platform with the latest and innovative technology. We launched CUP© on the market on spring 2015 and our revolutionary car sharing platform immediately goes towards success

The new installations are growing faster and faster and we are achieving prestigious clients all over the world. We continously improve CUP© with new features and modules and we continously evolve it with the new emerging technologies. We also give support 24/24 and 365/365 to all of our customers.

Bulweria is an IT Company that develops and sells highly advanced and innovative technological solutions for applications worldwide. Global Economy has a vital need of new business, based on a particular innovative technological content. To achieve this, it’s essential to provide the new business ideas of adequate technological creativity, in partnership with a project team.

Bulweria works directly with its customers R&D departments, developing in many cases unique solutions. We provide creativity in technology in solving problems and complex situations.

Our goal is to set new standards of cooperation with our customers and provide innovative Companies. We strive to create an open dialogue aimed at encouraging people to work together and to deliver superior products to customers.